You want to be sure your kids are at the center of your divorce, not in the middle of it.

You’ve heard enough horror stories to know that the legal system may not always have your best interests at heart, and while you’d love to do this in some collaborative manner, you also want to protect yourself — and especially your kids.

At some point you know that you’re going to have to rebuild your life, but it’s all so overwhelming and you really want to take it one step at a time.

You also might need someone to tell you which step comes first and which comes next because you feel a bit defeated to say the least.

Hey there. I’m Kate Anthony, CPCC. I’m a certified coach who supports mothers on their journey from deciding to separate through rebuilding their lives from the bottom up.

One step at a time.

I’m also a divorced mom who’s rebuilt her own life from the bottom up.

When I got divorced almost 10 years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom who’d given up a fairly successful career to raise my son. When I finally realized that my marriage truly needed to end in order for my son to be raised in an environment conducive to modeling healthy relationships, I essentially had nothing that was mine.

No money of my own, no career, and (if I’m honest) not much of a self.

And, while my ex and I really wanted to have as amicable a divorce as possible, the deeper we got into the system, the harder that seemed.

Our friends and family seemed to feel the need to pit us against each other, and the legal system really wanted us to fight over custody in order to reduce (for him) or increase (for me) child and spousal support payments.

Ironically, we had to fight really hard against others' expectations and the system in order to have an amicable divorce.

Despite almost getting sucked into the vortex a number of times, my ex and I got through it (mostly) unscathed. But it certainly wasn’t easy.

I spent the next couple of years wandering around in a daze, unsure of who I was, or what I wanted to do with my life, spending a fortune on clothes and therapy.

Eventually I found my footing and discovered what I was truly meant to do.

I now use my 20+ years of professional experience, combined with almost 10 years of personal experience, to help moms get through the separation and divorce process as smoothly as possible.

In my coaching practice, I help moms:

  • Decide whether or not to stay in their marriages (no, it’s not just about love and sex and the division of labor)
  • Put their children at the center of every single decision, even the really tough ones
  • Navigate the tricky waters of the divorce process (whether their partners are collaborative or combative)
  • Re-start their lives, one step at a time

If you’re ready to learn how I can guide you through your journey, click here.

Here’s something I want you to know:

In this day and age when anyone can call themselves a life coach, I want you to know that I take what I do very seriously. I am highly trained and supremely qualified to help you. I spent 3 years training in various coaching modalities with two of the top training organizations in the world (CTI, where I am certified, and CRR Global). I have worked with, and been trained and mentored by, some of the top coaches in the industry. In addition to my private practice for moms, I coach Fortune 500 executives in communication, presentation skills, and emotional intelligence in collaboration with the global communications consultancy, Working Voices.

Random (and possibly cool) things you might wanna know about me:

  • I share custody 50/50 with my ex, who is an amazing father to our son.
  • I was raised in New York City in the 1970s and 80s. It's not as glamorous as it sounds.
  • My parents were both actors, and I spent a lot of my childhood backstage, on Broadway and on the road, hobnobbing with some really famous people.
  • My dad changed my diaper in the Oval Office under Nixon, and left my poop-filled diaper in his trash can. We're all really proud of that.
  • I have a photographic memory for where things are. I’ve never lost an earring, an earring back or a sock in the dryer (#truestory), and I can find ALL the Lego pieces.
  • I am obsessed with true-crime shows, and know more about serial killers than anyone really should.
  • I will kick your ass in an Ikea or Lego assemble-off. Little stick dudes really do it for me.
  • I was an actor for more than 30 years, starting with five years on Sesame Street and ending with five years on Grey’s Anatomy, with a lot of work in theatre and television in between.