So your quiz indicated that things aren't too too bad after all. 

Yet you landed on my website for a reason, and you say you're interested in digging a bit deeper.


My recommendation for you is to take my Marital Assessment, which will help you assess the core issue in your marriage.

The most common marital issues are Communication, Self-Worth, and Shared Responsibilities.

I have a lot of help and resources available to you for each of these core issues. 

Here's what you need to do now:

Step 1. Listen to this 5-minute audio before you take the assessment. This is very important as it explains some vital aspects of the assessment:

(Don't have privacy? Read the audio text here.)

Step 2. Download the assessment here. (Currently this is in a word doc for you to download. Not high tech, but effective nonetheless. Remember to keep this somewhere safe and private.)

Step 3. Hang tight and I'll be in touch in your inbox with important information, resources, and next steps.

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