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Community Calls

Community calls happen twice a month. I’ll email you to let you know when they’re happening, so keep an eye out for that. I also post them in the Facebook Group, so be sure to join that!

dial-in info:

Call-in number: 1-712-775-8972

Conference Code: 676367

Program Modules

Each week’s work will be released 7 days prior to the last week’s. Don’t try to skip ahead, because if you do you’ll just be redirected to my home page. I don’t do this to be evil, but to keep you focused on the work at hand.

If you ever have any questions, the FB Group is the best place for them so everyone gets the benefit of the answer.

Program Introduction

Module 1, Week 1 - Inner Guide, Inner Critic

Module 1, Week 2 - Values, Inside Team, Boundaries

Module 1, Week 3 - Attachment Styles + Love Languages

Module 1, Week 4 - REST, INTEGRATE, CATCH UP

Module 2, Week 1 - History of Marriage + The White Picket Fence, The Myth of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom, Patriarchy Stress Disorder

Module 2, Week 2 - Uncovering Emotional Abuse, Understanding Narcissistic Abuse

Module 2, Week 3 - Triggers, The Shit You Made Up, Self Care Beyond the Bubble Bath

Module 2, Week 4 - REST, INTEGRATE, CATCH UP

Module 3, Week 1 - Relationship Inventory

Module 3, Week 2 - Healthy Relationships, Healthy Communication

Module 3, Week 3 - Grief, Nostalgia + Letting Go, The Shifting of Primary, Friendship Shifts

Course Completion