Module 1, Week 1

Module 1 Snapshot:

Run time: 4:16

Inner Guide

Inner Guide Introduction:

Run time: 3:04

Inner Guide Visualization:

Run time: 13:03

Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to lie down, where you won’t be disturbed for 20-30 minutes. Bring a notebook, or print out your worksheet and have it with you. Listen to this guided meditation:

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Inner Critic

Inner Critic:

Run time: 9:15

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Shawn Achor’s TED Talk - the whole thing is amazing, and also super funny and worth watching, but if you’re pressed for time, start at around the 9 minute mark for the ingredients of happiness!

Safe Inside Yourself - This is a TEDx talk by my first coach, mentor, friend, and special guest for next week’s work, Cynthia Loy Darst. Cynthia is one of the pioneers of the coaching industry, and this is a great video that better helps you understand Inner Critic work, and is a great introduction to the Inside Team work we’ll do next week.

Here’s a blog post I wrote a while back about how my saboteurs (Inner Critic) got the best of my career when I was an actor.

Five Ways to Manage Your Inner Critic - this is a PDF I put together to describe how to manage your inner critic.

Taming Your Gremlin - This is a completely updated edition of the 1983 classic that introduced a powerful method for gaining freedom from self-defeating behaviors and beliefs. Rick Carson, creator of the renowned Gremlin-Taming™ Method, has revised the book to include fresh interactive activities, real-life vignettes we can all identify with, and new loathsome gremlins ripe for taming. Carson blends his laid-back style, Taoist wisdom, the Zen Theory of Change, and sound psychology in an easy-to-understand, unique, and practical system for banishing the nemesis within. Among the things you will learn are:

  • Techniques for getting a sliver of light between the natural you and the monster of your mind.

  • The extraordinary power of simply noticing and playing with options.

  • Six keys to maintaining emotional balance amid upheaval.

Revisit your Inner Guide by using this visualization as a tool. Download and save it for whenever you need an extra boost.