But so many things keep getting in the way:

  • Career demands
  • Marital demands
  • Lack of community and support
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Lack of temper (shit!)
  • Separation or divorce
  • Trying to find "balance" 
  • Trying to "have it all"
  • Just trying to fucking stay sane for God's sake...

I feel you, Mama.

Over the last 6 years, I've helped countless Mamas just like you (pinky swear) find happiness, peace, and confidence.

  • I've helped Mamas in happy marriages create smooth morning routines that don't make them pull their hair out.
  • I've helped Mamas in not-so-happy marriages navigate really sticky divorces by creating parenting plans that work.
  • I've helped full-time solo moms stop dating unreliable assholes and find love (and even get married and have more babies!).
  • I've helped women who suffer from debilitating co-dependence recover from chronic people-pleasing, and finally stop losing their shit on their kids.
  • I've helped Mamas create parenting plans that ensure their kids graduate high school and get into college.
  • I've helped Mamas successfully transition from staying home to getting back into the workforce.

And just about everything in between... 

I promise: if you're a mom who's struggling with anything that looks or sounds like something in the list above, I can help.

Kate is the shit. She understands women. She understands our minds. She understands relationships. She understands parenting. All these things make her one of the best people to guide you through any of the crap making your life seem overwhelming or less than joyful. She gets it and she’ll help you get it too.
— Toi S.

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You got this, Mama.

And I got you.