This is going to be AMAZEBALLS!

Click below to pay your $200 deposit and your spot will be SECURED, and the early bird price LOCKED IN!!

After you pay your deposit, you’ll be charged $223.50 each month for the following two months, on the date you paid your deposit.

For example, if you submit your deposit on July 16th, you’ll be charged $200 immediately, and $223.50 on August 16th and then $223.50 on September 16th.

After August 1st the price of the retreat goes up to $749, and you’ll only have 2 payments: a $200 deposit and $547 30 days later.

After September 1st all payments must be made in full.

IGNITE Retreat
Number of payments 3
Start payments at checkout
At checkout$200.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2)$223.50 USD
Total $647.00 USD
We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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NOTE: After August 1st the payments schedule will change to $200 deposit, then the remaining balance will be charged in one month, and after September 1st all payments must be made in full.

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