Sometimes you just need some solid, good ole, one-on-one attention to whatever it is you're working through. I totally get it, and I can absolutely help you with that. In fact, one-on-one coaching is the root of my practice; it's where I started, and honestly it's my favorite thing to do.

Many moms come to me for coaching because they feel lost or unhappy, or just plain overwhelmed with all that has to get done in a day and they want/need a path to personal clarity. 

Many moms come to me to help them navigate the tricky waters of divorce and single motherhood. 

Many moms come to me after they've been in therapy for a while. They understand themselves, and their histories, but wonder, "what now?" They're ready for action, and need a guide.

Saying my experience has been life changing is an understatement. I have been in therapy a few times and they were great experiences, but nothing compares to what I have gotten out of coaching. Every time I think I have gone deep enough, I go deeper. I have never loved myself more than I do now and I have never known myself better. Kate has helped me open up my soul and see all the amazing, wonderful and scary parts of myself. Some I never even knew were there. I can’t say enough about this experience and tell everyone I can that life coaching is truly life changing.
— Angie B.

Other areas of my expertise include:

  • Confidence coaching. If your self-esteem is in the shitter, I have the tools and expertise to get your confidence sky-rocketing and catapulting you into some amazing territory you may never have even anticipated.
  • Relationship coaching (working with both parties together). Kind of like couples' therapy, but with more exercises and specific action-steps that actually gets things moving far more quickly. (additional charge)
  • Divorce coaching. I help women create a plan that helps them move forward through their divorce with their heads, hearts and in some cases, their pocket-books in tact.
  • Co-parenting plans. I can help you work through whatever's getting in the way of having a peaceful co-parenting relationship with your partner, spouse, or ex.
  • Step-parenting. Being a step-parent, or having someone else step-parent your kids can be super-challenging. I'll help you wade through the complicated feelings associated with all of it, and help you craft a plan for unity and collaboration.
  • Dating as a single mom. No, it's not the same as it was before and there are tons of new things to consider now. I have plans, experience, and a fresh perspective, including some radical thoughts that go against the grain.

Coaching is not about "fixing" you. I believe with all my heart that you are not remotely broken. In fact, I believe you are fucking amazing, but you just might need some help tapping into how awesome you really are. A life coach can peel back the layer of shit you've been hiding under, and reveal yourself—to you, the world, and your kids.

Kate has changed my life. Whether I needed encouragement in taking small steps to improve myself, or guidance as I took a great leap into the unknown, Kate has been an integral part of my journey. She listens, and encourages, and guides—all with an open, genuine, and intuitive heart and soul. I highly recommend her...I am a better person because of it. Kate is the best!
— Alena D.

One-on-one private coaching comes in a package of four hourlong sessions for $700 total.

I don't ask for a long-term commitment, because some people get what they need quickly, and others want longer-term support. It's a very individual process, and we will customize it just for you. If we need more work, you can buy another four-pack.

Not all clients and coaches are a great fit. If we've never worked together before, it's important for us to get on the phone for 30 minutes to be sure I'm fully equipped to assist you with your specific needs, and that we have the right chemistry to fully support your journey.

If we've worked together before, and we know we're a great match, go ahead and buy yourself a four-pack now.

I am so deeply honored that you are considering working with me privately. 

Kate is the shit. She understands women. She understands our minds. She understands relationships. She understands parenting. All these things make her one of the best people to guide you through any of the crap making your life seem overwhelming or less than joyful. She gets it and she’ll help you get it too.
— Toi S.