Grief, Nostalgia and Letting Go with Andrea Owen

I'm super excited today to introduce you to my dear friend, Andrea Owen, of Your Kick-Ass Life. I've been a guest on Andrea's podcast quite a number of times now, so I feel honored to have her here today. On today's show, Andrea will be talking to us about grief, nostalgia, and letting go, which are issues that she and I have often discussed together

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Kate Anthony
Trusting Your Intuition

The hits just keep on going, don’t they? I’m recording this show a few days after the shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

I’m realizing that by the time this show airs, we will have probably been hit by even more atrocities. This is relevant to today’s show because I will be discussing trusting your intuition; trusting your gut, and knowing where to find that.

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Kate Anthony
Uncovering Emotional Abuse with Rhian Lockard

I’m currently enrolled in a course called Divine Communication, which is a program that Rhian Lockard created. It’s a course that helps you get in touch with your spirit guide and your intuition.

I knew I had to share Rhian with you. She’s a friend and a guide. Today, we have a conversation about emotional abuse. It’s not talked about as much as other forms of abuse, and it’s even a little harder to determine whether you are a victim of emotional abuse.

After listening to this conversation, I hope you will have some clarity about emotional abuse and what to do about it.

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Kate Anthony
Patriarchy Stress Disorder with Dr. Valerie Baker

About a month ago someone in a Facebook group I’m in mentioned that there was a three-podcast series by another member of our group that had completely shifted everything in her life.

That’s a really bold statement, so at first I rolled my eyes and started to scroll on by. But then I saw the title of the series: Patriarchy Stress Disorder. And I’ll tell you the minute I read those words, everything changed for me too. I didn’t know what they meant, but I knew exactly what they meant.

In this episode I interview psychologist, author, and speaker, Dr. Valerie Baker who pioneers healing Patriarchy Stress Disorder™ (PSD)--the trauma of 1000s of years of oppression imprinted in women's DNA.

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Kate Anthony
The Legal Pitfalls of Divorce

This week I bring on a Divorce Coach who specializes in the legal aspects of divorce.

Jason Levoy is a former divorce attorney turned divorce coach who helps people navigate the divorce process from an attorney's point of view. He works with both people who have attorneys and those who don't. He is the creator of the most comprehensive online divorce coaching resource on the internet, DivorceU.

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Kate Anthony
The Top Reasons Marriages End...and what they mean for you

In this episode, I discuss the top reasons marriage end, and break down what I believe are deal-breakers in each category: 

  • Infidelity

  • Addiction

  • Lack of support

  • Communication issues

  • Money problems

  • Lack of individual identity

  • Unrealistic expectations

I also tell you about my wine-tasting vacation with my mom, and how my ex-husband helped me get a brand new $3,000 mattress FOR FREE!!!

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Kate Anthony
The Power of Personal Responsibility

In this solo episode, I talk about coming out of a pretty dark depression, and then move on to how taking personal responsibility can be the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

I tell the story of when I was in nursery school and was told to apologize and literally couldn't, do a pretty amazing impression of my mom, and tell a really personal story about what having been molested as a child taught me about personal responsibility and growth.

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Kate Anthony
Should I Stay or Should I Go? with Quentin Hafner

My guest this week is Quentin Hafner. Quentin is a Marriage and Family Therapist who works with couples and men in his private practice in Orange County, CA.

In this episode Quentin and I dissect the biggest question of all: 

Should I Stay or Should I Go

In the course of this conversation we cover: 

  • Quentin's 6 non-negotiables in a relationship and what they should really mean for you.

  • Quentin's view of the 3 most common reasons people leave marriages—and if they're actually good enough reasons to leave.

  • My view of the 3 most common reasons people leave marriages and—if they're actually good enough reason to leave.

  • Why the fact that 68% of second marriages fail and 73% of third marriages fail really matters to the choice ahead of you right now.

  • Why 69% of marriages are ended by women, and what men can do to not be a casualty of that.

And MUCH more!!

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Kate Anthony
Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! with licensed sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman

This week on the podcast, I interview Jessa Zimmerman, a licensed sex therapist and couples’ counselor. 

We had a great chat about whether or not an unfulfilling sex life is reason enough to end a marriage, and how to jumpstart it without it being too fucking awkward.

We also talk about mis-matched libidos, the sexual avoidance cycle, porn and so much more! Needless to say, it’s a juicy one!

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Kate Anthony