Are you asking yourself these questions:


Sometimes you just need an objective viewpoint — not from your best friend, your mother, or even your therapist — but from someone who’s been down the same road and answered these same hard questions.

That's why I created

ROOTED (8).png

This is an immediate down-and-dirty deep dive into your marriage, one-on-one with me, a certified life coach who’s not only an expert in personal development and a communication ninja, but a divorced mom who has walked this exact path and fully understands what you’re going through.


When I was struggling to decide whether to stay or go, I took all the responsibility. I went to therapy, worked the 12 steps, and did personal development programs that told me that I was 100% responsible for the way my marriage — my husband — was showing up for me. So I bent myself into more pretzels. Tied myself into more knots. Excavated myself until there was almost nothing left to uncover.

But my marriage kept showing up exactly the same: shitty.

Then one day I got on the phone with a coach who said to me, "Kate, you don't like your husband and you're the only one who doesn't know it."

FINALLY someone was being honest with me. FINALLY someone said what I needed to hear. 

That phone call changed my life, and I want to give you the same gift:

the gift of honesty — and a plan of action.

What you get:

  • Clarity and an end to the swirling confusion of what's true and what's not; what's yours, and what's simply not.

  • Peace of mind that comes from having an objective, no bullshit, honest opinion from an experienced professional who's been there.

  • Actual steps you can take to improve where you're responsible, and language you can use to reject what's not.

  • One step closer to the ultimate question: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  • 60 minutes on the phone with me digging into the complexities of your current situation.

  • 100% loving, kind honesty about what I see, and what you can do to help your situation.

  • Fully customized Personalized Prescription™ within 24 hours of our call in which I lay out the three most important action steps for you to take now.

How it works:

  • Click the button below to secure your time on my calendar.

  • You’ll be taken to my scheduler, which will accept your payment, give you an intake form to fill out, and give you access to my calendar.

  • Once you’re booked, you’ll receive an email which will contain:

    • Your confirmation

    • A unique link to join me on Zoom at the time of your call

    • A private phone number for you to call and leave me a detailed message of your situation, if you’d prefer not to write it all out

  • At the time of our call, we’ll meet on Zoom, I’ll hit record, and we’ll dig in!

  • Within 48 hours you’ll receive your Personalized Prescription™ with your action steps all laid out, as well as a recording of our call.

Investment: $250