The ULTIMATE Divorce Survival Guide

The ULTIMATE Divorce Survival Guide


Deciding to leave your marriage was likely one of the hardest decisions you've ever made.

Whether you worked with me to come to this decision or not, I know that you've turned yourself inside out and excavated every crevice of your psyche to be sure this is the right decision.


In The Ultimate Divorce Survival Guide you'll find everything you need to know in order to protect your children from any potential fallout from this process: how to tell them you’re getting divorced, how to ensure consistent co-parenting across homes, how to transition them to a new house, how to begin to rebuild your own life after divorce, and so much more.

This is truly the ULTIMATE Divorce Survival Guide!

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If you work through this guide with your soon-to-be ex and you can agree to most of what’s in it, your legal proceedings will a lot smoother—and a lot cheaper—which will alleviate a lot of the stress and emotional fallout for everyone involved.

Even if you don’t, knowing how to put your children at the center, and not in the middle, of your divorce will help you set the tone for the most amicable process possible.

Table of Contents

How To Tell Your Kids You’re Getting A Divorce

From how to prep for the conversation, how to have the actual conversation (what time of day, what to say, how to say it), to how to deal with the after-effects, this chapter has ALL your bases covered.

Co-Parenting Agreement

Working collaboratively with your ex might present challenges, so creating a solid co-parenting agreement in which you agree on important things in advance (like how to make important decisions down the line, staying consistent across households, and the importance of maintaining a unified parenting front) can make or break your co-parenting relationship. This chapter has a comprehensive list of things you should be talking about NOW.

Children’s Bill of Rights in Divorce

This is a list of rights every child should have throughout the process that you can both commit to and sign.

Mutual Vision Statement

You get to co-create the next phase of your relationship. Any transition can be made easier when gone into with intention. This chapter guides you through a step-by-step process to do just that.

How To Make Holidays In Divorce Not Suck Holy Hell

Top tips for how to take care of yourself and your kids through the tricky holiday season.

Top Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

This chapter breaks down all the mistakes I made, and helps you avoid them all. Not sure whether to stay friends on FB, how much information to give your friends, or whether you should set a schedule, or let things be fluid? I have the answers to these questions—and more.

Back in the Game Plan

It’s time for you get back into the swing of things. If you’ve been a SAHM and have to think about getting back to work, or you just need to completely re-set your emotional barometer, this chapter has you covered and will help you get back in the game!