You’ve wanted to go to couples therapy for a while, but you can’t seem to find the right fit:

  • Someone who doesn’t just passively listen, but who gives actionable advice
  • Someone to give you exercises and tools to bring home and work on together
  • Someone relatable and approachable
  • Someone who’s available when you are
  • A time when you’re both free to travel to a therapist’s office

If you’ve been to therapy a few times (or more) and you’ve felt that the therapist listened and helped you a bit, but didn’t really move you beyond where you are now, you may be the perfect candidates for relationship coaching.

Relationship coaching differs from couples therapy in that it’s educational, actionable, and directive. Therapy tends to be a past-based discipline. We gather understanding of our behaviors and actions, which is useful and important — to a point.


No matter what has occurred in the past, real change is possible in the future as long as both parties are willing and committed.

While couples therapy can drag on in perpetuity, the design of coaching is to give you new tools and “graduate” you. This can take longer for some than others, but the goal is always the same.


As a relationship coach, I will give you precise tools for better communication, intimacy, and listening. I will help you to empathically hear one another’s concerns in a safe, controlled environment so you can better understand one another’s points of view and deepen compassion and understanding between you.

If you feel like you keep covering the same ground with no real solution or forward movement, I can help.

I was trained in relationship coaching with the Center for Right Relationship (CRR Global), and I’m an expert in the work of John Gottman (The Gottman Institute), Harville Hendrix (Imago Theory), and Interpersonal Communication. I have spent the last 20 years studying relationship dynamics, and I put all this expertise together in my work with couples.

If you truly want your marriage to work and are both ready to commit to doing things differently (because what you’re doing now clearly isn’t working), then let’s talk.

Click here to set up a consult. ($75 non-refundable consult fee applies; both parties must be present.)

Who relationship coaching is for:

  • Couples who are willing to give it their best shot. You don’t have to have a ton of hope; this may even be a last-ditch effort. But you have to be willing.
  • Couples who are able to be open to a difficult process, and stick with it, even when it gets hard.
  • Couples who’ve found therapy a bit too nebulous and want action and direction.

Who relationship coaching is not for:

  • If there is physical, emotional, psychological, or financial abuse, coaching will not help you (for more information on each, click here). Please contact me individually to discuss getting you help.
  • If there is active addiction, relationship coaching will not help. Both parties have to be clean and sober in order for coaching to be effective, and worthwhile. If your spouse’s drinking or drug use bothers you, I recommend seeking out Al-Anon meetings in your area, or contacting me for private coaching.
  • If you’re the only one working to save your marriage, relationship coaching won’t work. Both parties need to be willing to work through difficult issues. Unfortunately, you can’t “drag” your spouse to coaching, any more than you can “drag” him to therapy.

How it works:

Unlike therapists, coaches are allowed to work remotely. Therefore, I do relationship coaching via video conference on Zoom (like Skype, only better), or by phone. You can be together in the same room, or not (although we may set up a few calls when we know you can be together for some exercises). I do not see clients in person.

  • Click here to set up a consult at a time the three of us can meet on Zoom for 45 minutes ($75 non-refundable consult fee; both parties must be present).
  • If we all feel comfortable and confident in the process, we move forward with a written agreement, which includes a three-month commitment.
  • We meet once a week via Zoom for 50 minutes for the first month, and then twice a month for months two and three, unless otherwise directed or requested.
  • After three months, we will assess and craft a plan for moving forward, which may include more coaching, although my hope is that you’ll be well equipped to move forward with minimal support.
  • You have access to me via email between calls.
  • Once we engage in a relationship coaching agreement, The Relationship becomes my client, rather than either of the individuals. As such, all communication will be three-way. If you need to email me, you must copy your spouse, no exceptions.

How much does it cost:

About $1,800 total, depending on your unique situation and circumstance.

I charge $225/hour for relationship coaching.

Ideally, in the first month, we'll have four sessions ($900), and in months two and three we'll have two each month ($450/month). Depending on your unique circumstances, this could be more, or less.

Ultimately, this is an investment to save your marriage, and I'll make whatever recommendations I can to make that happen.

*$75 non-refundable consult fee applies. Both parties must be present on all calls.