You think you might want out of your marriage, but you can’t seem to find the courage to make a decision once and for all.

You’re scared you won’t have the strength to get through all that comes after you say those four words:

"I want a divorce."

I totally get it.

When I was in this place I was utterly terrified. 

I was terrified I’d lose all my friends and family, that my son would suffer, that I’d be alone forever, that I'd never be able to support myself...

You name it, I was terrified of it.

But the truth beneath all of that was that I didn’t have the confidence to follow through on what I already knew I had to do.

I wasn’t rooted in my deepest power.


We all have in us a sense of knowing. There is a place within us, deep in our cores, that feels the truth; the question is whether or not we will tap into it, listen to it, honor it. I bet that if you sit quietly, close your eyes, and ask yourself the questions that have been plaguing your thoughts day in and day out, a very clear voice will rise up from within you with an explicit answer.

That’s your INNER GUIDE.

The problem is that most of us don’t trust our Inner Guide. Fear overwhelms us; doubt creeps in, and just as our motors begin to rev in the right direction, just as resolve and determination rise up, we stall out and our internal needles return to the relative comfort of idling in neutral.


That’s your INNER CRITIC.

And when your Inner Critic is in charge, we make no changes; we continue on as we have been: miserable, questioning, scared, confused.

There’s an internal battle between your Inner Guide and your Inner Critic within us at all times, and it’s that battle that keeps us:


But you know you can’t stay there anymore. That’s why you landed on my website. That’s why you’re reading this page right now.

and that’s why I created


a six-week coaching program designed to help you:

Module one.png

Imagine being so deeply rooted in yourself that, like the oldest oak tree, no matter which way the wind blows, you still stand tall and strong. That's what this program is all about.

➾ ➾ If you feel like you don’t really know who you are anymore and you know that in order to walk through this you’re gonna have to have KILLER confidence…

➾ ➾ If you know you need to start setting clear boundaries — with your well-meaning friends, your parents, your husband, maybe even your children — but you’ve never set a boundary in your life (not one that stuck anyway)...

➾ ➾ If you know you’re going to have to have some of the hardest conversations you’ve ever had in your life but you usually run and hide from those…

➾ ➾ If you know you need to leave your marriage but you simply have no idea how you’ll ever find the strength to do it…

...then ROOTED is exactly for you.


In ROOTED you’ll:

  • Meet your Inner Guide and strengthen your bond with her so that she becomes the foundation for a lifetime of confidence.

  • Gain you access to your Inner Critic so that you can learn what hidden gifts it might hold for you, and use it to your best advantage.

  • Discover your core values — no, not the ones you pick off a list; the ones that are the essential core of your being, your internal compass, your true north.

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and have difficult conversations so that you can move through this next transition in your life with grace and confidence.

  • Learn the science of communication and how to communicate like a BOSS in every aspect of your life, both personal and professional.

ROOTED is broken into SIX modules that we’ll cover together over 6 weeks of one-on-one coaching plus videos and worksheets you’ll do at home.


You know there’s a part of you that has the answers, but often that voice has been beaten down by years of gaslighting, of being told that what you know to be true is false, and that all that you know to be false is true. Where you used to trust yourself, you’re now confused and tangled in all sorts of knots. In this module you’ll get back in touch with your Inner Guide in such a powerful way that you’ll never be without it. This module alone will set the foundation for a lifetime of confidence you didn’t know you could possess. #truth

Yeah, we gotta get rooted in what feels like the ugly stuff too. While your Inner Critic may be the most disempowering part of your internal chatter, it also holds some really amazing gifts, and the only way to move beyond it, to hold any power over it, to be able to ask it to step aside so you can do your important work in the world, is to first have a sit-down with it and hear what it has to say. Sometimes your Inner Critic even has some valid points you haven’t considered, and now that you’re armed with your Inner Guide you’ll be able to hear them in a totally different way.



Values are an important part of what makes you YOU. Values are your inner compass that guide you where you want to go; where you need to go. When you live your life aligned with your values, you are living on purpose. When you live on purpose, you are confident, happy and fulfilled. When you live your life out of whack, off purpose, misaligned with your values, you feel like crap. When you’re married to someone whose values don’t align with yours you have little chance for a fulfilled life. In this module we’ll dig deeply into your personal value system (beyond circling vague and meaningless words on a list), so that you can truly check your alignment as you build towards a new life.

Most of us think that when we set a boundary, people will just automatically accept and adhere to them. WRONG. That’s like building a fence around your house in the woods and expecting the deer and the bears not to jump over it. Or rip it down. Usually people don’t like our boundaries, so we have to have difficult conversations in order to communicate them over and over and over again. In this module, I’ll give you specific strategies to set new and healthy boundaries and give you scripts for how to communicate with the people in your life who aren’t gonna like them. Like your husband and your mother and maybe even your best friend.



Communication is one of the most misunderstood concepts in modern civilization. Most of us think we’re being clear in our communication when we’re far from it. Life coaches and gurus are touting that if you’re clear and the other person doesn’t get it, that’s on them, leading to communication misfires in relationships around the globe. On top of that, women whisper in angry tones to their girlfriends, “HE SHOULD JUST KNOW,” which gets us nowhere in healing relationship breakdowns. In this module I’ll delve into the science of communication, and explain why if the other person doesn’t get it, it’s your job to communicate differently, no matter how clear you think you’re being, and in the end you’ll be communicating like a boss in all your relationships, both personal and private.

In this module we’ll put everything together and be sure it’s deeply Rooted inside you. Concepts are great and all, but if they’re not Rooted in you, if they don’t move beyond concept and into a new part of who you are and how you operate day-to-day, they’re useless. In this module we’ll examine what might stand in your way of integrating this work into your life in the future, and create a plan for complete domination — or at least deepening your Roots.


In six weeks you’ll set a solid foundation for a lifetime of confidence.

What you get:

  • Six audio lessons with vital information, guided visualizations, worksheets, scripts, and more

  • Six 60-minute one-on-one coaching calls with me to dig deeply into how the lesson applies to your specific circumstances

  • Unlimited access to me via email or VOXER during the 6 weeks

  • A fierce champion in your corner who’s not only an expert in the fields of divorce and personal development, but who’s walked through the exact same fire that’s consuming you right now

  • Exclusive access to my Sanity Saver Sessions to keep you on point moving forward (for Kate Anthony Coaching Alumni only).

How it works:

  • Click the button below to sign up. You'll be taken to my online scheduler, which will process your payment and give you access to my calendar.

  • Book yourself six sessions over six consecutive weeks (a break or two is ok, but if you can't complete the course in 8 weeks you may want to find another time that you can commit to).

  • Before our first session I'll send you some homework and an intake form.

  • Each week you’ll receive a new lesson with videos and accompanying worksheets.

  • Each week you’ll call in for your one-on-one coaching session with me at your scheduled time.

Let’s do this!

Investment in your powerfully rooted future: $1,050