Seven months ago I met Kate Anthony. I felt a connection with her beyond explanation. For the first time in my 37 years I can truly love myself...I truly can’t say enough about working with Kate. Today I stand on the mountaintop, healthier and whole.
— Amy T.
My entire life is different. Kate gave me real life not just be ok with life but to be excited and optimistic again.
— Hollie F.
Kate Anthony…will swing wide the door of your mind and reveal the world you didn’t know you had inside you. Thank you Kate!
— Rebecca F.
I feel like a new person—or maybe I feel like the person I’ve always been who has been hiding and suppressed for years. I feel bright, vibrant, radiant, open, honest, confident, and strong. People around me are commenting a lot lately on my “radiance” and “glowing energy.”
— Hannah V.
Kate Anthony is a goddess. I feel so powerful and in control of my life after a session with her. My business is thriving and so is my personal life because she has helped envision and shape the life I want for myself. I feel rooted even in the most trying of times because of the foundation Kate has helped me build.
— Becca F.
Kate offers new life, new perspective, and a chance for real growth to your clients and that’s worth a premium price.
— Toi S.
Kate has changed my life. Whether I needed encouragement in taking small steps to improve myself, or guidance as I took a great leap into the unknown, Kate has been an integral part of my journey. She listens, and encourages, and guides – all with an open, genuine, and intuitive heart and soul. I highly recommend her...I am a better person because of it. Kate is the best!
— Alena M.
When I started working with Kate, I was floundering, financially and emotionally. Now, I’m happier than I’ve been in years. Financially, following my strengths has reaped great rewards. I always feel her support, encouragement, and positivity. Call her!
— Rickie P