Every time you lose your shit on your kids, you’re pretty sure you broke them. You’re terrified you fucked them up for good this time, and the guilt is overwhelming.

You’re trying, you really are, but you’re having a hard time keeping it together every day.

And you’re so busy. You’re running a household, working a job (or two or three), and still you’re trying to improve yourself so you can be the best mom you can possibly be.

You read all the mommy blogs; you’ve read Love Warrior and Big Magic, and you follow all the right inspirational people on FB and Instagram. You listen to personal development podcasts and try to implement the ideas.

But something’s just not sticking.

Because at the end of every day, you’re still a wiped-out ball of stress, and you’re still losing your shit on your kids.

You, Mama, are why I created this class.

Every single mom I know struggles with the same thing, which should tell you something about what’s going on in the world of motherhood: It’s not you. It’s a broken system.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to make it better for ourselves and our families.

In working with busy, overwhelmed, stressed-out moms for the last five years, I’ve been able to identify the five real reasons moms lose their shit on their kids, and I’ve created a strategic and proven process to help stop the madness, and ease the stress.

How To Not Fuck Up Your Kids is that process, and the next, all new, completely re-vamped class starts on January 30th.

Your investment in not fucking up your kids: $247

But —- Early bird access is now open, just for you! 

To lock in your special rate of $197, and to secure your spot in a FREE 30-minute private coaching session with me, click below.

Over 5 weeks, we’ll work through these core steps:

Step One: Fill ‘er Up:

We’ll start this off with a thorough inventory of 8 key aspects of your life. We'll see what’s missing, and what needs some TLC. Then we’ll look at specific ways for you to begin nurturing yourself (as well as your little ones) so you have more in the tank to fuel the important work you’re doing in the world, which isn’t just raising kids!

This week, I have two amazing special guest experts who’ll visit with us and give us their tips.

Step Two: Brave New World

This week you’ll have some homework that will open your eyes about the belief systems that you may not even realize you have, so you can break that shit down and stop suffering under the weight of having to “do it all” once and for all.

This week, we have an amazing special guest expert here who is one of my favorite writers and thinkers, who also happens to be a mom of 5 kids. That's right. FIVE. KIDS.

Step Three: How to Talk to Your Kids So They’ll Listen

This is where I break down my 8-step process to getting your kids to actually fucking listen to you once and for all. It includes infographics, charts + graphs, and a full-blown breakdown on how to talk to everyone else around you so they’ll listen as well.

Kind of like magic. But with science.

This time I’m the guest expert, because this right here is my jam.

Step Four: The Long Game

This is where we learn how to set and hold really tough boundaries, even when they’re screaming bloody murder. And why we really have to if we don’t want a lifetime of hell. And, since healthy boundaries aren’t just about your kids, I pair up with one of my dear friends, The Joy Junkie (Amy Smith), to talk about setting boundaries. If you know Amy, you know that her jam is “How to speak up for yourself without being a dick.” I mean. We all need some of that.

Step Five: Well, Bust My Buttons

This week we’ll uncover those buttons that our kids (and others) love to push that make it harder for us to keep our cool. Then we’ll get into how the way you were parented is affecting how you parent today, and we’ll get super-clear about what you want to keep, and what you want to toss (yes, you get to choose). In this step we'll disengage these triggers that are currently set to “hair.”

How To Not Fuck Up Your Kids is a six-week class that is designed for busy moms. There’s enough content and information to radically shift how you parent—and more importantly, improve your relationship with your kids—but not so much as to make you feel even more overwhelmed. Because really, who needs that shit? Not you.

What do I get?

  • 5 Modules of insightful, eye-opening coursework, emailed to you weekly.
  • Special guest experts in a number of areas to help elevate the process.
  • Direct and to-the-point audio downloads
  • Worksheets, infographics and relevant articles + blog posts to take your learning to the next level.
  • Private Facebook community so you can ask questions, get support, and build an awesome tribe of women with the same passions and values.
  • 6 Group Calls (every Monday evening at 6pm PST/9pm EST) for any questions, comments, feedback, or coaching you may need. These calls will also be recorded in case you can’t make them live—no sweat!
  • A community of amazing women going through the work at the same time, sharing their experiences, offering accountability and warm fuzzies.
  • Exclusive Access to discounted 1:1 coaching from me throughout the duration of the course!

How much does it cost?



To lock in your special rate of $197, and to secure your spot in a FREE 30-minute private coaching session with me, click below.


I know that raising healthy, happy, successful kids is the single most important thing in your life.

We begin on January 30th.


Kate is thoughtful, authentic and kind. She has a genuine desire to help us get to the root of what’s holding us back, and has developed a set of tools and exercises to help us align our inner selves with our outer life, in a practical way.
— Alli P.
If you really want to begin to understand what makes you tick, what makes you react (positive or negative), and what you want out of this thing called life, this program is for you. Plus, which is a big plus, you get to meet and interact with a group of wonderful women who may be experiencing similar things and that’s big!
— Toi S.
Dealing with my own issues and learning to control my emotions makes me a much calmer mom as well as more sympathetic to my kids emotional needs. Kate is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She guides, not pushes, women to be a better version of themselves.
— Angie B.