You don’t have to go through this alone.


Hey there. I’m Kate Anthony.

When I was in the depths of despair struggling to decide whether or not to leave my marriage, I wanted a burning bush; I wanted someone, or something, to tell me clearly, “It’s time to go,” or “Stay, and you’ll get through this.”

You just want to know if the struggle you’re going through is actually worth it. You want a guarantee that if you stick it out, it will have been for something, or, conversely, that if you leave, what awaits on the other side will be better than…this.

There’s a distinct line in the sand, and you just want to know if you should cross it. And if you do, you want to know exactly what’s on the other side.

As a certified coach, I help women just like you answer all the hard questions like should I stay or should I go? Is it him or is it me? Will I screw up my kids if I leave, or am I screwing them up more by staying in a miserable marriage?

Kate Anthony is the perfect combo of your best girlfriend, the momma you never had and that wise old spirit-woman that only speaks to you in your dreams.
— S.H.

Let's start with the first question:

Should you stay or should you go?

As a certified professional who's also been exactly where you are now, I can tell you that this is all gonna be ok.


I promise.

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