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Hey there. I’m Kate Anthony.

I’m a certified coach who supports women on their journey from deciding to separate, all the way through the divorce process—one guided step at a time.

I’m also a divorced mom who’s rebuilt her own life from the bottom up, so I really get it. Like, really.

When I got divorced almost 10 years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom who’d given up a fairly successful career to raise my son. When I finally realized that my marriage truly needed to end in order for my son to be raised in an environment conducive to modeling healthy relationships, I essentially had nothing that was mine.

No money of my own, no career, and (if I’m honest) not much of a self.

Now I help women just like you answer all the hard questions, like:
Should I stay or should I go? Is it him or is it me? Will I fuck up my kids if I leave, or am I fucking them up more by staying?


Let's start with the first question:

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These things aren't easy; nobody knows that more than I do. Taking this quiz is just the beginning of a journey that will require support and expertise from a professional who's been there. Take a deep breath, because this is all gonna be ok.
I promise.

Ready to answer the second question?

already know you want to go, just scared to pull the trigger?