I’d love to be a guest on your podcast or radio show in order to bring added value to your guests in the areas of divorce and co-parenting.

My areas of expertise are:

  • How to have an amicable divorce
  • How to know if you should leave your marriage
  • How to not screw up your kids in the divorce process
  • How your relationship evolves with your ex after divorce (with kids)
  • How (and when) to start dating after divorce

...and ALL the topics relating to divorce with kids. 

I am an expert in communication, divorce (naturally), and emotional intelligence, and bring a fun, often irreverent, yet always professional viewpoint to my work.

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I’m uniquely positioned in this industry because I’m not only a certified professional with over 20 years in the personal development sector, but I also have a decade’s worth of personal experience as a divorced mom. This means that I not only understand how to help women through this transition time, I have also personally experienced what many are going through. I provide concrete action steps, as well as some advice that goes against the norm. I know where the legal pitfalls are and where the family law system is designed to derail an amicable process. I help divorcing couples avoid these pitfalls, and protect their children from the fallout of a nasty divorce.

Here’s a small selection of podcasts I’ve been featured on (more can be found in the footer of this page):


Official bio:

Kate Anthony, CPCC is a certified life coach who specializes in co-parenting, separation and divorce. Kate's expertise lies in the areas of parenting, supporting children through divorce, creating co-parenting plans, and helping couples create a healthy split that keeps children at the center, not in the middle. Kate spent 3 years training in various coaching modalities with two of the top coach training organizations in the world: CTI, where she is certified in individual coaching, and CRR Global, where she was trained as an organization and relationship systems coach.

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I would be more than happy to promote our episode to my audience of about 5,000 in both solo emails and social media posts.


If you’d like to go ahead and schedule a time on my calendar, please click here. (Of course, I’d be more than happy to schedule myself on your calendar as well.) If you’d like to set up a preliminary chat, I’m of course more than happy to do that as well.


I have a Snowball microphone, a solid internet connection, and a quiet space.

Contact info:

Email: kate@kateanthony.com
Website: www.kateanthony.com
Skype: kateanthony323
Cell: 323-610-5416

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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